Synchronous hoisting and lifting hydraulic cylinders are used for assembly of the largest shield tunneling machine in Australia

In Melbourne, Australia, with a latitude and longitude of south latitude37 degrees 50 minutesand east longitude144 degrees 58 minutes, the Victoria Labor Party government will invest 5.5 billion Australian dollars on 2nd, April, 2017 to build a West Gate Tunnel undertaken by John Holland company.This project uses CANETE synchronous lifting system, synchronous hoisting system, 4 sets of synchronous lifting hydraulic cylinders and 4 sets of synchronous hoisting hydraulic cylinders.

Thishuge project is scheduled to complete the following three projects:

1. Expand the westgate expressway from 8 lanes to 12 lanes and include a fast track between the M80 and the westgate bridge to reduce traffic jams;

2. Build an underground tunnel from West Gate Expressway to Maribyrnong and Melbourne port to open underground traffic and reduce the traffic pressure;

3. Build a bridge over the Maribyrnong river and road traffic along Footscray Road to help people get to the north of the CBD.

This project will use two 15.6m diameter shield tunneling machines to excavate two three-lane tunnels. The length of east-facing north tunnel is 2.8km, and the length of west-facing south tunnel is 4km. The shield tunneling machine used in this project is the largest diameter shield tunneling machine in Australia.

As Australia’s largest diameter shield project, the West Gate Tunnel Project in Melbourne is one of the most concerned super-large diameter shield engineering projects in the world. Hydraulic cylinders and technical supports will be provided to the assembly of the shield machine and the attitude adjustment of the shield machineby Jiangsu CANETE Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Assembly of shield tunneling machine

Factory test of hydraulic cylinders and synchronous control hydraulic system for this project

Since the 15.6m diameter HERRENKNECHT earth pressure balance shield tunneling machine arrived in Melbourne in January this year, it has been assembling and testing in an orderly manner in the construction site. CANETE solved two technical problems during the assembly of shield tunneling machine. 1. Assembly work of shield tunneling machine. 2. Attitude adjustment of the shield tunneling machine starting platform.

Synchronous lifting hydraulic cylindersare used for the assembly of shield tunneling machine:

Because the center of gravity of shield piece is too heavy, the conventional hoisting method can not satisfy the hoisting work.And the main focus of the work is to adjust the shield piece weighing more than 200 tons to a certain circumferential angle on a circumference of 15.6 meters in diameterto reach the preset position.

This project uses Jiangsu CANETE 4 sets of 200T synchronous lifting hydraulic cylinders, 4 sets of 1000T high tonnage synchronous lifting hydraulic cylinders and 2 sets of PLC variable frequency control hydraulic system.

Synchronous lifting system

CANETE company has specially designed 4 units hydraulic hoisting cylinders with a lifting capacity of 200 tons and stroke 1000mm for this project.It is equipped with intelligent hydraulic control system to ensure the positioning accuracy of each lifting point can reach ±0.5mm.On the basis of solving the problem of center-of-gravity eccentric load, the multi-dimensional attitude adjustment of the horizontal position of thecylinder full stroke is performed to achieve precise positional positioning.

Synchronous lifting hydraulic cylinder hoisting preparation

Synchronously lifting the hydraulic cylinder and hoisting the shield pieces of the shield tunneling machine

Synchronous lifting hydraulic cylinder is used for the attitude adjustment solution of shield tunneling machine starting platform:

The so-called starting platform is to ensure that the slope of the central axis of the shield is adapted to the slope of the tunnel design axis before entering the tunnel.It is not a simple thing to adjust the slope of a large angle of the shield tunneling machine at a certain angle. It is necessary to satisfy the weight bearing of the entire component, ensure its smooth lifting, and meet the precise positioning within a certain angle range.CANETE company has designed a complete hydraulic control system with four 1000 tons stroke 480mm high tonnage hydraulic cylinders and an ultra-high pressure angular positioning device.

CANETE designed a complete set of PLC intelligent control synchronous lifting hydraulic system, including four 1000T stroke 480mm high tonnage synchronous lifting hydraulic cylinders, and one set of PLC intelligent control synchronous lifting hydraulic system.

Synchronous lifting hydraulic system was used to adjust the slope of the shield tunneling machine axis

Finally, congratulate CANETE on the successful completion of the scheduled tasks in this project.

Jiangsu Canete MachineryManufacturing Co., Ltd. specializes in R&D and production intelligence: synchronous lifting, synchronous hoisting, synchronous pushing and complete sets of technical services, and will continue to contribute to the global heavy industry.

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