CANETE History

Development History:


1995.06   Taizhou Feiyue Machinery Tool Factory developed first 100 ton Hydraulic Cylinder successfully;

1996.08   Developed 2-6 inches Hydraulic Pipe Bender successfully;

1997.05   Passed ISO 9001 Quality & Management System Certification;

1998.10   Developed 16000 NM Hydraulic Torque Wrench successfully;

1999.08   Developed M100*6 Hydraulic Bolt Tensioner successfully;

2000.04  Applied 1000 ton high tonnage hydraulic cylinder to rotary kiln maintenance in Conch Cement Company Limited successfully;

2001.07   Passed CE Certification of EU;

2005 .06   Developed PLC Multi-point Synchronous Lifting Hydraulic System successfully;

2006.02   Applied 24-point PLC Synchronous Lifting Hydraulic System to replace rubber bearing in Huning Express Bridge successfully;

2006.06   Applied 160000 NM Hydraulic Torque Wrench to remove blade of hydraulic turbine in TGP Hydroelectric Power Station successfully;

2012.06   Registered Jiangsu Canete Machinery Manufacturing Co.,Ltd;

2013.03   Developed Strand Jack Series successfully;

2014.08   Developed Hydraulic Flange Tools Series successfully;

2015.10   Developed locomotive jack successfully;

2016.03   Developed Induction Bearing  Heater successfully;

2016.12   Developed 3D Block Lifter Series successfully;

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